About Us

About Us


RUBIU, adj. [red] 1. artisan brewery founded in 2009 and situated on the island of Sant’Antioco, in the south-west of Sardinia; 2. synonym for non-filtered, non-pasteurised beer without preservatives, stabilisers or additives; 3. Local pizzeria and a wide selection of local products; 4. motion towards, used whenever you want to spend a pleasant evening in company.

Rubiu was born during a summer afternoon spent on the sand, talking of dreams, the desire to create, the desire to express oneself and the spirit of the places that are important to us.
Beginning with a passion shared by three friends, Rubiu has become a small artisan brewery whose production is orientated towards both direct consumption within its own bars as well as distribution in 75cl bottles.
We have a modern production system, made entirely from steel, which guarantees maximum hygiene during all phases of production. Our beers are produced using a warm fermentation method: they are neither pasteurised nor filtered, so as to avoid altering or damaging aromas and flavours that would otherwise be lost. Finally, to obtain a natural fizz and a better roundedness, we carry out a second fermentation process in the bottle.

We like to surround ourselves with friends, and therefore decided to create a place where our beer will find the perfect gastronomic companion. In the space dedicated to our brewpub, we serve pizzas cooked in a wood oven and a carefully-selected range of typical local products.

It’s not for nothing that we call ourselves Rubiu [red] … like “sa genti arrubia” or the flamingos that stubbornly love our land… like the spark that guides us in preparing that which nature has already rendered special… like the joy of life that we celebrate every day, offering you healthy and authentic products.

Rubiu is also art, creativity, sociability

Rubiu is also a meeting place and creative office, offering space for book launches, musical events, taste workshops, photographic exhibitions and other local talent. Visit our Events and News section to view the events in our programme.


Rubiu: a friendly local bar and a member of the Slow Food movement


We have always embraced the Slow Food philosophy, promoting food that is good, clean and fair, and for this reason we decided to apply a discount of 5% to the total bill for all members who present a valid membership card. Furthermore, for those who wish to become a member or gift a Slow Food card to someone else can request one directly and we will forward your request to the association.