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Our pizzas and selections of local products, which can be found in our Sant’Antioco brewpub and the bar Levante Pizza e Birra Rubiu in Cagliari, are worthy companions to our beer.

We are convinced that a good pizza is the result of excellent ingredients – starting, naturally, with the dough. Rubiu offers you four kinds of dough, all of which undergo a long and slow leavening process, using only organic flour and with a final cooking process that takes place in a wood oven.




Durum wheat “1” flour from certified, organic cultivation – Antico Molino Rosso (VR). Suitable both for a white or red base.



A traditional dough infused with added fresh basil leaves. With fresh and aromatic scents, we recommend that you try it with a white base and paired with seafood and vegetables.




A traditional dough infused with added saffron that is grown locally. Warm and enchanting aromas, recommended with either a red or white base, paired with delicate cheeses, typical cured meats and mushrooms.




Semi-wholegrain flour with 4 cereals, free from common wheat and durum wheat with spelt, rye, Kamut and Enir – Mulino Marino, Cossano Belbo (CN). Rustic cereal aromas, recommended with a red base paired with sausage and well-aged cheeses.


Cappelli Durum wheat semolina of certified organic cultivation – Mulino La Petra and Il Grano, Nurri (CA).
 The semolina adds a unique crunch to the pizza base and evokes the taste of typical breads from our traditional cuisine, for which this kind of grain is traditionally used.


As much as possible we use ingredients of local and regional origin, favouring small production and enhancing artisan expertise: Sardinian grain and Pecora gorgonzola originating in Sassari, smoked mullet from Oristano, seafood from the artisans of the island of Sant’Antioco, Selargius capers and Carasau bread from Cappelli durum wheat, just to cite a few examples that you will find on the menu. Furthermore, the seasons and their fruits provide us with inspiration and the raw materials for the various dishes of the day: famous thorny artichoke, wild asparagus, courgette flowers and all the products of the garden. 

To quench your thirst, we have also thought of everything: as well as our own production, always available on tap, we also offer a menu of artisan beers, a selection of bottled products mainly originating in artisan breweries located within Italy. Those who don’t drink beer can choose between the most famous drinks and the most sophisticated soft drinks: Lurisia Gazzosa and Chinotto, products with water from the thermal source of the same name, to give just an example of the choice available to you.


If you fancy something sweet, no problem! We use only fresh ingredients, no semi-processed ingredients or artificial flavourings, for a tasty, healthy and authentic result, like the wonderful cakes we remember from childhood. We also consider allergies, and always offer dedicated products.


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Levante Pizza e Birra Rubiu – Cagliari

The only bar in the city of Cagliari where our beer is available on draft: share our passion for food and good artisan beer of high quality. Levante Pizza e Birra Rubiu is located at Via Ottone Bacaredda 101. It is open every day for dinner from 19:00, excluding Mondays. To book a table, please call the number 329.6587545 (from 19:00) or write at